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Aunty A…that bores me..

“” can my girlfriend ask you out for drinking session without….”” “”without bring Serena Out….” i thought this story might have died but yesterday it was relive by Aunty A herself. An elderly lady that loved to be involve in every thing, loves drinking…

That was 2 months ago Aunty A asked AK after a temple dinner at Yishun, Aunty A we invited to the temple dinner INVITED her girlfriend as well and her GIRLFD ask AK a few days later for drinking but on condition that he couldn’t bring me.

Why? I don’t know., somehow Aunty A ask darling AK in front of me, in cantonese, surely SERENA COULDN”T UNDERSTAND….

What does this Aunty A’s friend wants from this drinking session? I don’t know. MONEY SEX FRIENDSHIP?? So when the issue was thought to be over,

Aunty A’s girlfriend turned up at our wedding party in Connection for drinks, bringing more of her friends.

That was the downstairs drinking session in King’s Connection.

How did Aunty A’s friend know our party? Of course it was Aunty A.

So when I heard that Aunty A had mentioned that her girlfriend was at our party downstair waiting even before the wedding guests went down for drinks, I was furious.

I threw up asking her, why should I have HER in my party when she didn’t want me to join in her drinking with AK?

That argument was upstairs at the wedding dinner before we went down for the party. It stopped there, because sooner, I realized all the guests were saying and shaking hands with us already.

Issue could have been over until when we were at Connection, Aunty A’s girlfriend already took the front table that we have reserved and was dancing away at the front table already with her friends. she brought 2 more girls and one man.

They were drinking already maybe an hour before we start the party. Doesn’t matter, darling Ak mentioned, as long they pay for their own drinks and don’t disturb us.

We bought total of 13 Martells, and 6 whisky that night.

Alright, so Joyce and I sticked together.

Then I got high and was so happy that I forgetten about Aunty A’s girlfriend existence, and forgotten about my anger, Chuckle chuckle.

It wasn’t’ until a few days later, we met Aunty A at 156, and it couldn’t get worst than this.

Aunty A said “ that night my girlfriends and I BOUGHT TOTAL OF 6 BOTTLES in total of Martell and Whisky… BUT WE DIDN’T DRINK ALL LEH BUT ….. ALL GONE.. HOW??” my friends said the waiters used our martell and pour for YOUR wedding guest…””

I can’t recall our conversation at the 156 but she somehow pinned that we (we the wedding couple and our guests) might have accidentally drank their liquor.

6 BOTTLES..she claimed, 3 girls and 1 man 6 BOTTLES … then AUNTY A said she saw the connection manager pouring their drinks for our friends.

“” OH really””why don’t you produce the receipt to the Manager to see how many bottles you all have bought? Show the receipt ” I said fished…. Aunty A kept quiet.

What the idea of her saying this I don’t know. Darling AK was so quick witted, he called Connection that very night and asked about this table.

Manager said yes they bought their own bottles, but a total of 2 bottles… and the 2 bottles still haven’t finish. … they kept in store. NO la, they never buy until 6 bottles,… in fact, at first a few glasses poured accidentally using their bottle but in the end, the manager used our martell to serve them… as a return gesture to them . So the night after that, they drank more than required already from our bottlessss……

Mis – eye match of Aunty A or maybe old leow, see wrongly or when they USED OUR BOTTLE TO POUR And bring to other table, she thought was her bottle?

Worst, on feedbacks of our guests that night, Aunty A’s girlfriends dragged some of our guest (Guys of course) to dance and kept telling them that she was a divorceee (all ready for jump at them). those who was there knew about her and how she kept jumping at the men…. yes this Aunty A’s girlfriend who tried to jump at AK.. That table that night was a total disgrace. Another one of Aunty A’s girlfriends was totally drunk off, sat on the stool and fell flat to the ground on her face. A few times (i wonder if i could chuckle, then again, it could have been a great fall, then if you heard this,)…

Since that table were NOT our guests, we would assume Aunty A’s friends to take care of this drunkard girl who came with them, naturally.

Instead, Aunty A’s friends left their own friend alone, with us… that didn’t know her, drunk, in Connections and left somewhere else,

and Our guest (guys who didn’t kNOW HER AT ALL) had to take care of her. They had to carry her out to the sofa outside. I thank God that our guestss weren’t stupid enough to send her home.

What IF it was a ploy to shout molest, what if other motives were involved? worst that she wasn’t our guest.

where was her friends then?

nobody cared, not even Aunty A who was also very high.

( i think she was send to police station… not clear)

“OH??”” Might as well. I told Aunty A in 156 one night at 156, to please NOT TO BRING her girlfriend to our outings that we are/or/ going to invite Aunty A along. Afterall, we invited her to functions, she caused a mess.

Why should i want a girl that doesn’t respect me, ASK AK for drink and KaRoke but CANNOT bring me. got condition one leh..

THEN AGAIN, if it was the other way round, some male friends ask me out for drinks but “please cannot bring AK “””, what kind of idea is this.

chuckle chuckle.


Aunty A didn’t sit with us in the coffeeshop since then.

Aunty A’s Girlfriend is in her 40s, working in Singapore Island Club.. Golfer Dept..if i can remember, its in bukit…. not bukit then thompson lor..

do we have a story here?

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