• Serena Tan

Awaiting time

Yesterday saw me leaving the office superb early for a medical appt in Gleneagles which we waited pretty long time in the awaiting room for my turn.

It is always the case, an appt is seemingly pretty much without like an appt. You arrived at your designated time to wait one hour plus longer. I don’t comprehend the appt time thingy!

Still. We need the doctors. There Is nothing much we can do but to remain at the seat and hang on!

The songs in the ipod accompanies me every morning whenever I take the train to work. This morning, I kept pushing the next button because the songs are readily old boring and I heard it like, umpteen times in the last months. so many times, i push the buttons along the half an hour ride in the train, sometimes it got to the end of the 200 canto songs, ….

I think I need some different songs in the ipod.


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