• Serena Tan

Bakkut teh at Rangoon Road – No Add’t Soup pls

the bakkut teh at Rangoon Road for luncheon with

Clara See, Lee Ting, Quek & MayMay.

the BakKut teh, so i heard, had even Thaksin patronising it when he visited Singapore, and they actually closed the whole shop for , for, just for Thaksin.

So also we read somewhere that one person request for more soup and was kana scolded by the staff there.

and my mind a bit negative liao, before we arrived.

BUT hey the soup was delicious, so good, i had to drink despite the sore-sore throat, and we needed more soup.

I didn’t dare ask. I kept quiet . i told See to ask instead… push to her..

Clara See saw an old lady staff and request for soup.

The staff old lady face WAS as long and black , ignore us & WALKED AWAY. Rude and cannot response, just because we ask for more soup! at least reply us yes or no..

I think she not happy working there, if not face so smelly and long. or else, maybe, i should have taken her long face shot, but then because HER FACE so LENGTHY long that my handphone too small , cannot capture.

so can imagine, we want more soup kind of thingy and we were given the cramp black face instead.

then quek went to collect himself 2 bowls of soup. not enough. so See and I went to collect ourselves at the counter.

then we saw a china girl staff there serving other tables the bowl of soupssssss . Immediately , See call the china girl for another bowl. And we had another bowl of soup. yipee!

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