• Serena Tan

Bass passed on – 7 day..

It is believed that when a person passed away, the spirit will wander and go to the familiar and favourite places.

so it happened to fall on the saturday 26, 11pm. we had dinner drinks and waitedtill 1pm. , for prayers to Bass. Very funny all sorts of ideas to place Bass empty chair. Incase he did come and was looking for a seat. This and that and this and that.

Then they thought we probably we humans had too much yin yang energy, probably Bass couldn’t sit together with us, so they placed a table behind me and the empty chair with food beer and lots of cigarette. So it was settled at that. Comical isn’t it and at the same time, emotional for all of us.

Burned lots of money, accessories for Bass at 11pm, lots and lots. and they started dedictating songs for him, using the handphone as a device of music. It came to Soldier of Fortune, and everyone started singing along with Bass favourite song, “soldier of fortune”..

We had lots of laughter and light tears,… the detachment of him from us is obviously too much to handle esp for some of them. The once-upon Bass that had so much human touch and the initiator of drinking, the once-upon joker and teaser of 151, is now a guess. We can only feel him through our hearts, our memory, our beliefs..

so did Bass join us that night… I guess he did pass by… eating, drinking, singing,,…. gathering

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