• Serena Tan

Bassie’s death

Exactly 1 month when he landed himself in hospital and in coma, 21st July 2006 morning. Almost the same time.

Nothing can describe our feelings that evening when we watched in truth of his death as we witness in certain, when the caretakers brought in his body, dresses him up and prepared him in await for his coffin to arrive.

He has gone away, motionless, liveless and still as they laid him to rest in the coffin.

Concidentally, I took 21&22 leave, for no special reason , but now I know, that there is / was a purpose for leave, to be at his wake, for the last time, the very… last time, but now this last time, is at his Wake……

Sadly, I doubt very much, and in fact no I could not send him off this Thursday.. not at all possible to take the leave ….. tonight, would be our last night with Bassie,… Bass, go in peace… ..we all miss you….. I do… and the memories will always be in our hearts,…

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