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BBQ @ Pasir Ris with 151

Updated: Apr 29

Last evening the BBQ at 49 paris ris, with the 151-gers…..

6pm start fire, no oil so AK went to canteen to beg from the Mei Nui!

We returned home at about 1am and upon reaching Yishun , in the dark early wee morning of a Monday, just before the speed camera, came across a weird taxi before the traffic lights. The taxi was moving uncertainly in the middle of the road, in the middle land and one moment had his hazard lights on, moving extremely slowly and the next had the left signal on and we were wondering what the hell is the taxi doing, when upon passing the taxi, AK saw that the taxi had a passenger inside!!!

Still the taxi refused and vehicle looks like in a daze, the tortoise vehicle was moving like 5km/h…….

We suspected the taxi was being robbed or pointed at and from the rear mirror, AK saw the taxi turned to left, towards the quiet Sembawang lane, instead of going straight to the main junction….. And at that moment, I was scare d and frightened for the taxi driver, unless he was drunk… I don’t know…. Wondering what was it, in the errie dark night like this.

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