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Be careful what you put into the washing machine

Today’s the storm’s really bad. It got to raining at 5am, around that at our home area and when I woke for work it didn’t stop.

So I was a little wet at the feet when I reached work. It was fine though..

And its starting to storm here again, the sound of the LARGE DROPS OF rain on our tight class window, its scary.

It’s dark when we looked out. Its really a 360degree turn compared to the last few weeks of hot humid weather.


When the weekend I was doing the laundry, I threw my first lot of my clothes into the washing machine and has it washed as usual on the Saturday.

When I took it out to hang, micro pieces of TISSUE was all over all the CLOTHES, and I meant ALL OVER every single piece of clothes that I washed. I almost cried out.

Yeah, then I found my snoopy tissue cover in the washing machine with no tissue already inside. DIDNT I CHECKED ALL THE POCKETS in the shorts or something?

So thi rak AK and I tried to rinse one by one the clothing to rid the micro pieces of tissues that had stucked on the clothings, and let it be spined by the washing machine again.

After the 2nd washed, the clothings were still stucked by mirco bits of tissue. So I let them hung dry.

On Sunday, I did all the week’s ironing (which was very fast) and took ¾ day to remove the TISSUE DEBRIS from all ALL MY CLOTHINGS

Bit by bit, using sticky tape to remove the tissuessssss! AND followed by 3M sticky roll!

What could be worst than that?

I nursed my clothings that Sunday for almost 7hours, broke my record, From 2pm to 9pm.

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