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Beer Party at APB

APB Beer Party Cum Aunty Doris BDay

Uncle Steven had us over to the APB Beer party on Wednesday evening for his Company get-together cum Aunty Doris Bday. The AK and I took a cab from home to the Beer Party and we all had to exchange our IC for the pass in order to enter the beer Party at APB. Its S$5.000 per head and unlimited flow of beer until 1030pm. However, subject to 1 glass per person and to refill it, you have to bring the same glass over.. That, nevermind, they have Tiger, heneiken & Guinness, to save the cost, when the Tiger was finished, the staff told us no MORE BEER even before 1030pm! Being the Chasers…the us ask for the other type like Guinness and Anchor Beer, no fish prawn also good. Guinness!

Then somehow, my Aunty realized that no Tiger but got Heneiken! Hey the staff could always tell us that Heneiken is still available right? All still beer what! Straight away tell us “NO BEER!” .. What is the difference? So funny, the way they serve the customers. If want to save, don’t give a S$5 promotion lor. Want to give, want to stop people from drinking the Tiger… Not very friendly the staff there.. Of course we are there to drink to our heart’s content, if not, we won’t go there also..and hold the party there right?

The Competition on the guys side. Each person has to complete the whole glass before the next can start to drink. Before the guys beer competition, we had the girls turn. The Aunty Kim, Chye and me were kpo-ing on the floor when the girls took a bloody long time to drink a glass , that in the Aunty Kim, Chye and I took over and drank for the girls.

Play pool lor to kill time with the cousins..

Then we move on to the 2nd venue, not enough drinks? The Chasers all actually quite high liao but all went to the club with us. Uncle Steven & Aunty Doris on the dance floor at NTUC CLub

The Band

Yeng Yeng and the Anson

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