• Serena Tan

Benji waked us up in the middle of night to play

I remember few nights ago, while I was far away in dreamland, I was woken by benji’s bark, constant barking, uncontrollably. Seems to me he was hysterical. After a 10 mins, I MADE my way to the hall,. Benji was literally standing in the middle of the hall and barking between the door way of the main door and my room. Aiyo, should have seen the way he barked would have scared me!

I checked the kitchen, checked everywhere and went to my parents room, every thing seems safe!

Then I thought there might be rats, so I tried to ask Benji and he kept barking and barking,

until I started to pat him. He STOPPED, GRABBED A TOWEL AND happily wagged his tail, starting his normal usual game. HE WANTED ME TO PLAY WITH HIM!

My mother woke up then and he started playing with her as well!

The pulling and not-letting-go game………

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