• Serena Tan


Today the colleagues brought me opposite China Square for Korean Food, because of the small winnings me and W had that last week. Agnes, the gainer, Carol & Esther the followers!

I had that Bibimbap (is that how you spell it), the plain rice with mix vegetables and tiny bits of beef in a hot bowl plate served with a raw egg on top and you start to stir it into a mix!

Ok ok its not the first time having this dish but today I had so far, this was quite fragrance– ly done and yummy and it was steaming scorching sizzling hot! Nice better than any of those I tried in the restaurant!

While me and the AK flu is subsiding slowly, the mother of mine is starting the virus gotten from all of us…. Poor she!

And then the Daddy got excited with his 2nd hand computer and his speaker last evening and broadcast his CDs musics in the air like a little boy last night..

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