• Serena Tan

Blood type group

The blood type group we went during lunch hour and CY in her kindness, helped me to ask the assistant remedy and type of supplements for my cellulite orange fats that I had accumulated in my external WHOLE BODY!

She recommended many many apart from the normal water retention supplements that I have always been taking. slowly, slowly throught her recommendation, the assistant brought more and more bottles and i readily took and placed on the cashier table!

So happy! So 4 bottles.

Then the rest of my colleagues collected more and more bottles and filled the cashier tables with more bottles including mine…

Check what type of Food is for your BLOOD type !

“How much one bottle ah..?” I asked lor…


Then I walked one round, and removed 2 bottles from the cashier-almost-filled-table-with-bottles of ours..

Then I thought a lot and stood there and thought and went to the cashier table and casualty removed the remaining 2 more bottles of my stuff… decreasing the total of our total!

In the end I bought my normal supplement…1 bottle in the end!

Neo said go out with me very the pai seh……….

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