• Serena Tan

Bo Li MO

Bo li Bo li Mo

Is a nonsensical form of words or sentence rather, but its really funny ater a while.

I extracted it out from Steven Chows One of the Movie I watched recently and its like something like

Instead of saying “open sesame” to the Cave, HE went like

Bo li Bo li Mo

Picture this!

His face in that scene, saying it in such indulgence and compassion hoping the spell might work.

So this got into my head and I brought to work and soon, the

Bo li Bo li Mo

Got into me and it began to become part one of the office “little” talks.

Bo li Bo li Mo

In the little emails or

Bo li Bo li Mo

In our part of stupid nonsensical conversation or

Bo li Bo li Mo

Hoping our colleagues will appear.

Worst, Mustafa taught one of the ANGMO

Bo li Bo li Mo

And he soon learnt it well, with the understanding that IT IS A MANDARIN SENTENCE – bluffing him the Meaning is boh-do (stupid in English).

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