• Serena Tan

Body Malfunctioning

Gee im sleepier than I thought I would! We slept the moment we could rest on the bed. Evening after the work, the AK and I went to Bedok for Uncle Steven’s invite to a temple God’s Birthday dinner. It was large and had another tentage for “Ge Tai”. And guess who was the singer? It was Karen.

The family was mentioning that Uncle Kiat had a checkup and doctor’s finding of half of his heart is blocked. Artilleries blocked. Gee it do sound a little scary.

Like the AK said, when you get older, all the body malfunction starts to arise, just like recently Daddy too. Leg bloated, hands bloated and results not very satisfying. We can’t get past old age without these can’t we?

The dinner didn’t start until almost 9. It was a normal dinner and the poor AK was still not feeling well and I was yawning till 11pm so we headed home washed up and to the bed.

The parents mentioned about the Nikki limping, and I didn’t get to notice him yet. Dogs get older do malfunction too.

The AK’s back was hurting last night while he slept. He said probably was GOUT back to haunt him.

And my 2 ankles… weak as ever can be.. ….

GOD! What is going on? Old liao no more healthy bodies…

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