• Serena Tan

Body Massage @ Yishun

I felt the numbness aching and sore all from the back neck downwards to the waist then the weaken legs right in the evening of Wednesday.

So I was trying to ache myself out of it, massaging and squeezing the back with all the might my hands could take me.,

Still the tinkling sensation seems to plague the muscle. Then the left leggie and ankle started to ache badly.

That afternoon I just had a packet of several different fruits my colleagues ordered, immediately, the body had such a LOUD reaction.

Yeah I knew it for sure the catalyst..

So yesterday I suggest to daring AK for tui na and the girl, the CHINA GIRL beaten the hell of me!

She thought I was a dough! Kneading squeezing beating and making shapes out of the kneaded dough.

The dough nearly broke into pieces.

WHAT A HORRIBLE STRONG STRENGTH SHE HAD! She was good but I felt really beaten after that! Like I had been to torture land!


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