• Serena Tan

Bugis Shopping .. Passport

We didn’t stay too late last evening at 156. the AK was the first to awoke this early morning followed by the parents and we drove straight to the Immigration to get the queue number for the collection of our passport.

2896 was my number,… that was 400 in between. My gosh. By the time got to us was exactly 12pm, time for lunch. It was again, like packed squeezing sardines in a small tiny tin, and worst, the kids that banged against the chairs of ours, screaming their fucking lungs out in the waiting area nearly broke my brains…

2 hours of wait, wasn’t that bad compared to the time I remake my I.C 3 years ago. I waited half a day.

WE THEN WENT FOR OUR FAVOURITE BAK TUK MEE… it was fabulous plus the weather was cooling dull and un-bright for a 12pm hot SOUP BAK TUK MEE! Yummy.

The AK and I brought the parents to our plan of SHOPPING in the “Largest Singapore STREET shopping” in Bugis. Paradise! Just like the CHACHUCHA, or SILOM night Market, or simply, the Platinum at BANGKOK! Very good lor! I got my hair back to coloured ribbons and did cheap bargaining shopping with the AK. I bet I could spent at least 4 hours shopping there. I didn’t of course. It was too much to shop, too many things! I LOVED SHOPPING!

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