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Buying the wrong Thumbdrive

And I went to see Karen in just before luncheon, About the irritating cough-fy, and the Si-Bay-swollen THROAT, so Karen said!

Vitamin C can partially help in the swollen throat too. I Didn’t know that. So I took a packet of Vc tablets to take with other drowsy medication to go.

PS – thanks MeiJin for the get-well note… gagagagaga SHE SO SWWWWEEEET! And then I’m quite satisfied after seeing the doctor.

HELP! Then I need help on this –

Yesterday I bought a TOSHIBA thumbdrive, my life, at CARREFOUR , the staff all screaming and shouting at the CHEAP 8GB thumbdrive,

I grabbed one because Daddy was wanting to have one so i thought i get one for him… And went to the cashier @S$21!

Happily I plug into the USB and the PC went

Installation completed and ready to use~

Normally, there would be a new drive to copy your stuff into the thumbdrive.


I checked, racksack the PC inside out, where is the drive for thumbdrive, its not coming out. Yet its blinking and says ready to use. NO DRIVE FOLDER for the thumbdrive to be seen.

Then I read the cover of the thumbdrive.

TOSHIBA HDD thumbdrive without driver. Means what? what does it mean? How to use? HOW TO USE!?


PS – do you notice when you take cough syrup, you fart alot?

Furthur update!

PSS – then my mother just called me …2pm…. “girl I saw got thumbdriver S$21. 8GB want to buy?…” me went :” ok buy buy, because yesterday buy one duno how to use…”””

mummy” its TOSHIBA one”””

” DUN BUY!””””

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