• Serena Tan

Calls Midnight jumps at you

Its scary to have several midnight calls. Although its all pretty harmless, I couldn’t get to sleep after the calls. I kept imagining things and my heartbeat pound beats faster than usual.

The darkness night-fall plus the scary-couldn’t-make -it-out calls made me a little errie and helpless. 4.28am…

Worst I have 2 clocks, the wall clock and the dressing table alarm clock. Plus my handphone time.

Then 1st call came at 4.28am. I jumped when it rang, saw the time, wall clock time, and tried to communicate with the other party.

In between was several exchanges of calls and sms.

When I almost dozed off, the last call that I received, again I jumped, and I remembered after I hung, was 4.28am my handphone time.

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