• Serena Tan

Catch up the old Times

Every other day we have to rack the brains for dinner. Not that I used it a lot, I never did, but only the AK did and last evening, he straight drove to Lavender when the usual question pop out, “EAT WHAT””” And I was still in the thinking mode!

Now, we had a new addition to our food collection. Nice duck they have there and the chicken wings are the best I eaten in Singapore.

And then to pen this Uncle wee and Jane came over to 156 for dinner and we had a few drinks together till about 11pm before they left for bed. The long-time-never-see uncle Wee is still as thin and healthier ever!

But it was good to see the couple to have a few drinks and chat to catch up old times!

Yipee, it’s the Friday and I just woke up! The weekend is nearer,…..

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