• Serena Tan

Catching up

We caught up.

Having meals these few evening together. Since neither of us were working late evenings, we had our meals in the hubs.

And today we had this fried stir fried Yong Tau Foo. it’s not ordinary yong  tau foo.

It was the first time for me tonight .

This big bowl mala fried dish is amazingly tasty, I think it entered in my favourite food list. Im drooling just thinking of this dish.

We both enjoyed it throughly, Thirak & me.


And it was good.

Surprisingly good.

So right before we get tied to the late evening work again, we were busy catching up with “The Dreamers” at the the catchup channel at home.


How addictive but it was just so entertaining. I seriously feel this is one of their best drama I seen.

So we spent the last free nights catching up with Watch it first.

Some odd moments we spent out of the ordinary…

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