• Serena Tan

Cats came to our home

THE DUMB CATssss from the neighbourhood always likes to tour around our house, for some reason, I don’t know why. And then, Benji would get agitated and excited, and start pulling the house down, running after the cat and barking!!!

Because also our neighbour feeds the neighbourhood cats outside her home, tons of cats sleep around the corridor, sometimes including our home outside. On our cabinet placed outside, at our mini garden and even in between the pots.

Weird it seems, the cats looks not afraid and time and time again, likes to enter into our home kitchen for? I don’t know for what! Even when Benji is at home, the CATS still insist to tour our house,.

WORST, THE LAST TIME THE CAT CAME IN which was yesterday, my mummy says…

It wanted to fight with Benji! How the darn of IT!

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