• Serena Tan

Checking AK’s Work

the AK asked me to help him run an errand in his site opposite the office of mine and Beh and Big Head Lian went together with me during lunch.,

The site door was ajar and it was pretty errie and dark inside and I looked and searched through the thin ajar door for his worker, I couldn’t see none and hear any noise so we thought we dropped over at 7-11 for some luck at the 4D counter… first before looking for his worker again.

Then I didn’t know, while we were going to make a few steps towards the 7-11, the Big Head Lian behind us, took a peep over at the site ajar door into the darkness just what I did a few minutes ago and she let out a shout and jumped a little when the worker head came towards the door face to face with her in the darkness… So my mission was completed with a startled Big Head Lian during lunch!

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