• Serena Tan

CHICK outside our house injuired

Last night when the darling AK and i were about to sleep, we thought we heard a cip cip cip CIP cip cip….” outside our window , for a while.

” can you hear the rats “…….cip-ping away outside…”


then the AK took a closer took outside the window!

“CIP cip …. cip cipp….. cipppp…”

there are at least 3 cats ouside beneath our window SURROUNDING


a poor tiny almost hairless young bird hatchling..

“cip cip ” cipping away because the 3 dumb cats are trying to eat the CHICK up!

quicky, darling AK rushed out to the outside scope the Bird Chick up, eyes not yet even open, and placed it really really far away from the horrid hungry CATS!

Really far away he placed it in safe basket, i do hope the CHICK is alright, hopefully its Mother bird managed to find her babi!

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