• Serena Tan

China Wine

This is the 2kg prawns we bought over at the Fish Farm Mart.

2kg and the cook of 156 could dish out 3 different types of prawn dishes, fresh live prawns.

we thought to try Chinese China Wine for a change and it was horrible! For me, i didn’t dare to try neat, having heard so much about the alcohol being too high and would easily be high. We had 2 wines, with alcohol content of 39% and 60%. the taste, :- i didn’t like it, mixed with hot water, still wasnt that neat, but i didn’t like it. by the time we consumed the 2 bottles of chinese wine, it was already 2 am plus and all of us werent’ a bit of high.. stupid! wasted the few hours there with the chinese high alcohol content wine! anyhow, at 2 am, we went back to the normal beer and stout. Ga ga

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