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Chinese Garden to see Lanterns

Jurong Tour Part 2

We had our dinner nearby, of course, we ended up not knowing what to order and picky pick pick, we ordered claypot chicken rice that had us waiting in hunger for 20mins and to the AK’s disappointment, the rice was “mi-mi” and starchy, the salted-fish was so expensive in the market that we hardly could taste it and there goes his appetite… No good of course… nearby coffeeshop was near the godly trees 431….

To the Chinese Garden to see Lanterns… Carpark S$3/nett Then to the Chinese garden entrance, the AK realized got to pay. S$12 per person.. to a Chinese GardeN? No choice, either waster the S$3 carpark or spend S$24 more.

S$27 in total to enter the Chinese Garden… lights and floats are all we see… floats as in their interpretation of Lanterns,… the floats are all the latest techno-lanterns., not the traditional ones we thought should be that theme the Mooncake festival… So its now techno-floats, I called them..

Since paid liao, take more pictures, every single techno-“floats”, we snapped them. Do we call them lanterns? Where is the feel, ambiance and atmosphere of the Mooncake Lantern Festival? I Felt none.. Floats!

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