• Serena Tan

Chinese sinSeh Long queue

Stupid lor! I arrived at Bedok around 10.30am and the lot number I was given was 27 against the 007 waiting queue over at the Chinese SinSeh for my ligament-torn-ankle which is still causing me agony.

Waste my time, cab fare and morning. Went back to the office before starting my work. Another stupid me, my appetite ran low so didn’t finish my Mee suan, which was anyway blend and tastless. I popped a TWO paracetamol when I felt a heavy load on the left of my head a two hours later and started to feel so unwell and shivering and cold. Wondering if I was hungry or falling sick, I drank lots of thick Milo and cereal and conclusion is, stomach was empty when I popped in the pills! That why I felt so horrid!

Haze: 99 psi. I could hardly see the buildings outside my working office.

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