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Chinese way speaking…of English

How do you pronounce

Cordon Bleu. Pronounce correct way – GOR-DENBLUR…blur as a soft tone

Last evening at the dinner auction with darling AK uncle steven aunty kim parents, the old man at the stage was trying to auction out the GOR-DEN – BLUR but

Either it was on purpose or He used to pronounce it like that

COooooooo (with a drag of Oooooosss)

CooooooOOooooo- de – bue…..

“”” CooooooOOooooo- de – bue….二 百 …. » » » ’’ “”” CooooooOOooooo- de – bue….三 百 …. » » ’’

Every time the Cor-don blur was for auction, we heard the

CooooooOOooooo- de – bue Gagag !

Chi-vas is pronounce SHH-VAS – for auction the chinese shouted “Chee – Ba …Chee Ba “ “””” Chee – Ba “”“””” Chee – Ba ….二 百, ….二 百 “”


Martell is pronounce MAR-TELLL – chinese say….

“”” MAR- TEH … “”

“”””MAR- TEH … “”“”””MAR- TEH …….二 百, ….二 百 “”

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