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Christmas Countdown

The 156 Zhi Cha Ah Chai gave us a Christmas Treat but the makan only starts at 11pm. So to kill the hunger, mummy brought the lamb loin out and we had a little of the lamb meat! NICE! The Christmas Eve quiet dinner at home.

Over at the 156 coffeeshop!

Aunty Jenny brought Sakae to celebrate along!

We had 2 tables, makan together with the staff.. this is the other table next to us

Over at the Parapet wall,

This is the red fish, that Ah Chai specially brought over at the wet market in the middle of the night for this occasion!

The staff makaning..

The table of ours hardly could touch the food, we were already damn full!

Aunty Jenny with the ribbons after the countdown!

Daddy strumming guitar for the countdown!

Link Album:- Dec 2007 Album

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