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Christmas EVE

We came back to nap/sleep after the Christmas Service cum dinner. It was so tiring and the sleep helped a little and before I knew it, I was up again.

We are pending the results of the Thailand Election, Thaksin!

Definitely, it has stirred the interests of us,..

While I thought I am at the season of Christmas, the spirit of the season did not hit me greatly this year., with no spirit of giving especially I realized. That probably has to do very much with the grand! I guess the spirit of Giving would be fun and satisfying, with no grand, it could be worst. So this year, laid back and be merry!

While the Grand is an issue for me, the mother of mine is enjoying herself wrapping more and more of giving-away-presents with the smile of hers. Yeap, its always nice to be able to give lovely presents away..

See the hall of ours all filled with bags and bags of presents for friends and family! Super sweet…!

Christmas is:-

To me

– the cool weather time – Spirit of Giving with Grand – Loved ones gathered together – Getting together in discussion to mind & Plan our dinner – Doing the countdown with poppers and santarina’s Hat (ironically, Santarina’s spell with SataN?!) (you seriously think its just a concidental SANTA clause has the alphas of SATAN?, it was to divert people’s attention from the real meaning, CHRIST was born!! )

Whatever, I just loved Christmas! It gives me a warmth, comforting feeling better than other festivals….!!!

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