• Serena Tan

Colleagues all ready for D&D

Even the big boss went into the relazz mode and was in a ready partying mood. I guess he is trying to bring UP everyone’s mood to the theme tomorrow night!

My personal meeting with Jean Marc this year was a brief short mere 5 exact minutes only. No complains No displeasure over me being “re-structured”. So simple was this once-a-year process… some plans were made for me in 2007…. “silence”..

I had 15 balls of Wan Tan, Yummy 1level Hong Lim. Delicious and satisfying. I fell into the hungry craze really, craving for food and gobbling down chunks of junks in my body. What happen to the diet conscious me? Think its time for a discipline period before I grow into a chubby oversize sotong.

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