• Serena Tan

Colourful CHICKS

These chicks are cute !

I found these chicks photos in our office folder 2003 trip in BALI, one of the excursion the company had during the day in one of the Kampong!

Good for a Friday photo look. Makes you feel colourful and that life is actually can be quite a rainbow. And on a Friday, you just need to feel colourful brighter and hip up because its the weekend.

And THIS RELAX weekend means – more time with my Family and the AK! – Means getting up late and having later nights than weekdays’ – means lazing around with the AK in the house doing nothing or something – Means getting to dinner together with the whole family – talking more cocks in 156 maybe

When when i trampled upon this photo going through the folders, that was my first feeling thought, colourful and cheerful! so i thought of cheerful things!

what was your thoughts when you first saw this picture?

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