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yesterday we had a simple and relazing day at home accompanying the Daddy of mine! while we did the household chores, the Daddy took a great day to rest and the AK prepared simple dishes for dinner for the 3 of us.

The eyesore chores is enough to keep me busy for more than 12 hours, by the time i got things in straight mode, it was rather dark outside!

several bottles of beer me and the Ak just at the outside before the aches and tiredness enfolds.

and then i was just thinking and speaking loud to the darling Ak,

– if there weren’t any stamford trip, we would not cancel the Malacca trip – if then if the stamford trip wasn’t few days after Daddy & Mom’s China trip, darling AK would have joined them

which in fact is all PLANNED nicely by the Lord

which is

– if Malacca trip wasn’t cancelled, the AK and me would have left and Daddy would be alone in Singapore, in hospital and no-one to take care of him – and finally stamford trip was cancelled, for me and the AK to take care of Daddy – and if the AK left for China with my family and me continued to stamford, Daddy would be alone.

Everything has its reason for its existence isn’t it.

Amazingly, how things worked out perfectly.

so why get miserable and ponder about the past, if we ourselves can’t change the past and why worry about tomorrow, if we know not what tomorrow lies ahead so just make merry today and let the today be of good memories in the future!

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