• Serena Tan


Speedy speedy movie, makes you kan cheong then its quite preditable also, then also, we wanted the good guy to survive.


the darlin AK and I had beef noodles over at the AMK hub before the show on Wednesday.

seriously i never thought of any better food court. ALL the FOOD”S lousy like this morning I was complaining to Adeline about the food here in SUNTEC!

ALL FOOD COURT all over, suntec, millenium but NONE Of the food you would ever think about it., you would never in your hunger pang make a craving…

not like the way I CRAVED for Hong Lim Char Kuay Tiao, Wan Tan Mee or Philip street Fish soup Noodle blah blah blah…..

No way, so far never did i like a FOOD COURT food. its the enviroment of the food court or is it really the food?

Maybe i prefer non-aircon authetic type of place. ….

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