• Serena Tan

Continuation of Wu

At Wu, we had 6 jugs of beer to go. I know I was about to fly to disaster and the silly me cheers with the next table and forgotten clearly about them and continued our games. In a little while, the next table thought they wanted to take another inch and tried to be a little more than friendly by offering us PORK! The me, already in disaster land, was in a dreamy state, ignored them totally. Anyhow, somewhere along the line they kinda got a little piss and guess what PISS me off the most?

THE AUNTY the only old woman that were at their table said that we WE had no standard because we had beer to follow.

HER STANDARD ? DIDN’T open any bottle . They took out the balance of their bottle and drank the whole night thru’! what standard is that ? beer no need money is it ? Beer no need money I want!

Aiyo had not me not gone to disaster land, I think I be the first one standing against the aunty!. So old already want to act like teenager go Boat Quay drink. Standard then go to NightCLub MOS la, go a small pub like boat quay very high class meh?

The me went out and puke! Really puke not because of the rotten old woman mouth, because of the continuous, non stop marathon beer I had.

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