• Serena Tan

Contradiction or what with our law?

Oh yes, I was wondering last night about the One-eye dragon story. What took me there, my mind and my brains about the defense he took that he drank liquor quite a bit and wasn’t in the sober mind when he pulled that trigger? Yes he drank quite a bit, more than a mug of beer definitely.

(was it like that?)

But the court ruled out that defense. Doctor claimed that the amount alcohol content in a normal body could still be in a state of consciousness and able to justify his actions.

That was more than a mug of beer

so after a mug of beer, we can’t drive because apparently medically, they said, that, we are not in the state of mind to justify our actions?

Am I seeing a contradiction there?

It just went through my mind last night..


what can we say?


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