• Serena Tan

Convention Hall having tons of PEOPLE

If susan didn’t’ drag me to convention hall, I probably thought the world at Suntec is peaceful and quiet and unwanted.

After a quick lunch, we went to shop for my “”golden shoes”” for the darling AK and me happy day, but ended up, no nice golden elegant shoes.

Instead, we further walked to convention hall where it looks like the whole SINGAPORE living population is. THERE were IT FAIR There were Singtel Fair Starhub fair with horrendous queue I could never have imagine Burberry fair Linen fair Apple fair The queue especially at the STARHUB WAS UNSPEAKABLE. THEN WE came to body SHOP fair. So happy we could at least get something, but

The paying queue at the entrance was atrocious. We looked at the time and decided to almost give up trying to shop at BODY SHOP! We finally gave up after less than 3 looks at the products. Must be cheap fair but the products all looked so tempting to buy. So we left the place defeated but the “tai tais’ there. Sigh

This is Suntec Lunch Time over at Convention Hall!

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