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CPU Sick + 32 Prawns

Hey it’s the week pass again and it’s the Monday here alright, with something to look forward! The lunar new year holidays yahoo!

Whatever happened to the internet of mine, I duno.

Daddy says:” If Serena cannot do it, if the professional couldn’t do it.. something is wrong!!”””” .

That is when my mother still insist could be the unplugged of some plugs…. Errrrrr!!

The Central Processing Unit went for a hospital stay these days after a thorough check by the IT guy the Saturday. Hopefully a revamp and fixing could be done to it.. Darn!

So since the room was without the lifeless internet-ness, I did a thorough spring clean to the room while the AK did a spring clean on his garden outside, on the noon of Saturday… I will always remember this calendar day of this week. Sigh…

Last evening at O2, ben and aunt jenny followed us to prawning. 3 rods for 4 hours, we did quite a bit with a total of 32 Big Head prawns which we brought to 156 for steaming with a different style of cooking this time by the AhChai. Uncle Yong sat with us during the prawning till he was due for dinner at home. He had a special weird-named XO brandy with him which we tried! I had 1 glass though..

The AK and I met our long time-never-meet 151 kakis… while on the way to the car back at O2. 9119! Uncle Anson, the siao Joyce and uncle Dan. Aunt Jenny said they are jollies jovial fellows at start…

“ Ni Na Hia, na bei, na bei, “””

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