• Serena Tan

Crab Bee HOON!!! yummy

The crabs that was supposedly famous that I been hearing and never got the chance to taste it several times because of the crowd! Aunty Jenny had us invited to the AMK coffeeshop where you had to queue for hours (ok extraggggg—erating)..

Yeah but actually Aunty Jenny went over to queue and reserve the table at 630pm and while we were still NOT-ON-WAY!

And she had to place the order before they allowed her a booking so she did and waited in the car till about 740pm and she was FINALLY allocated a table.

Crabs so good meh?


TOP SHELL white colour ah?? The AK says its water fresh TOP SHELL!

Nice… sauces same as AHCHAI but it’s the freshnest of the topshel, moreover it’s a one piece without slicing! SHIOK you know.,.

Crab Bee Hoon Soup.. yeah I tried this kind of dish before… but not this coffeeshop.. The aroma reached our nose first, thought I will try since I don’t take milk and pai she since Aunty Jenny ordered a HUGE claypot!


NEVER tasted such incredible soup in my life.. !!!!! So now I know why there’s a queue line at the coffeshop EVERYDAY … and I NOT BULLSHITTING!

ITS SUPERLY TASIER THAN ANY SOUP I DRANK —crab beb hoon I meant and its makes you crave for more..

Yep, I drank 2 bowls

The meal was satisfying definitely, I feel as the days pass, as my age gets higher, I get to experience each day elevated tasting of superior food……………!!!! And that partly explains, why the metabolism of me, is decreasing rapily and I am getting fleshy in every corner of me…….

This Is the disheartening part…..

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