• Serena Tan

Crampy Legs

AH, probably didn’t have much sleep last night, as in, didn’t sleep tight and comfortably, got up the wrong side of the bed. And probably didn’t sleep as I should, the mind was heavy and disturbing. I didn’t felt as better as I thought I should one day earlier. Seems to be retreating backwards and worst though…

Maybe sometimes things are left to be forgotten slowly but over a span of short period of time is not easy. So I never felt good about it, not now which had so many questions in doubt but I learn over the time, to keep to myself, because it end up noting!

What’s worst, it was raining and I was wearing the stupid low slippers and my left leg, whole leg cramped to the maximum when it was trying to grip the stupid loose slippers on the way to work… so it cramped not just the ankle but all the way upwards… aching pain or whatever.. duno leh!

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