• Serena Tan

Crayfish hor fun with See & MayMay

I was told to minimise my blogging for this luncheon but I had no choice, because the system had hung on me, and Its not everyday that I eat with CLARA SEE and MAY LIM. So I had to pen it down, as a memory…

We had CHAR kway tiao crayfish hor fun at super duber hell-hot Hong Lim! It was superbly humid but the food was good. Definately, good cheap and wonderfully delicious.

(i could usd S$10 per 3 DAYS if i eat in HONGLIM everyday and go back office take coffee, maybe?? hemmm)

Btw, the dancer at the below, I see as a clockwise movement all the time this morning, It isn’t until now , I see a few seconds of anti-clockwise. Gosh! Amazingly, our right and left brains see differently.

So does it mean that, we can be seeing the same thing at the same time, but with different angle??

Try Again

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