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Crispy Slipper Noodle -Dry

There was overcrowding in eateries on Sundays so we went to aunty kim’s club instead for our dinner and we had to self-serve Ourselves at the counter when the number is called for our food because it was simply, over crowding, somehow that particular day, everywhere.

We all ordered our individual foods and in particular,  I ordered slipper lobster crispy noodle while the family had theirs and others including fish maw soup.

So it goes like this, when the food is ready, the food would be place over at the counter, and the staff will buzz your number so it appears at the number board and you proceed to the counter to get YOUR food.

Because we ordered varities and considering the number of us, we made a number of collections at the counter while the number board was buzzing our collection “number’ .

So I made the trip quite often to collect the food on the family behalf.

It came a time where Most of the food was almost collected including the fish maw soups.. and the family was slurping away on the fish maw soupss..

Then another buzz and it was my slipper lobster crispy noodle. Beside  the plate , was ‘what looks like another bowl of soup… but not much ingredients in it..”

So I did look at it for while, and wondering if the family ordered another soup that i didnt know, but i left it on the counter anyhow, and, I took my slipper lobster crispy noodle and walked back to the table to eat.

I said to aunty kim :’ there’s another soup that looks like fish maw soup…” think we got the right one just now??  “should be…” maybe its someone’s soup.

So we continued to eat.

Aunty kim went over to counter to collect the last dish. She said the soup was still on the counter, not collected. Probably the staff over the counter asked her if that was her’s but she said “ we have taken ours already!!!” “ Duno whose soup is it..” but

 anyway.. she said.. to us.. “OUR soup loooks better than that one at the counter… “ when she was back.

After a while.. the staff-over at the counter walked over to us carrying, that bowl of “soup” that no one collected and said to me, that, it’s the gravy for my slipper lobster crispy noodle!

Yes and all along i was eating my crispy noodle .. dry….

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