• Serena Tan

Crowded Crowd

The trained was packed today so packed that I was squeezed left to right and because I wanted to get to work early, so I didn’t wait for the empty train to arrive.

So while in the moving cabin, was swerved left to right, hit behind pushed and battered, I thought it was finally over when I arrived at Raffles station. Then again, I thought today I used the stairs instead of the escalator to save time, instead I followed behind this tall lady up the stairs and was concentrating on my STEPS very carefully, step by step, (in case I miss a step and fall, it happens) and the next thing I knew, the lady shoe fell off the feet of hers, and fell to the subsequent step. The lady stopped in the middle to retrieive her shoe and I banged into her bag. (lucky was her bag LOL)! TGIF! Thank GOD its FRIDAY!

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