• Serena Tan

d little girl in the train

It was weird this morning trying to squeeze in-between the crowd in the train when a girl and the grandma was banging their way through, and stood just right beside me. Her erratic behaviour caused everyone to stare at the little girl, she looked perfectly normal, no defect or anyhow, Just


Physically she looked perfect person, but her behaviour and speech would cause the whole cabin to quieten down to listen and stare at her. , her voice was muffled and low and loud, for no reason she got angry with the train or grandma or us, because She Had No seat to seat

But to wait.

At a point I felt pity for the little girl, on the other hand for people who didn’t know, would assume she was terribly rude and insolent. Her grandma, presumably embarrassed, kept quiet when the little girl KEPT SAYING SHE WAS ANGRY & angry & very ANGRY….

because there weren’t seats

grandma looked away, Until When a seat was available, she pushed us all to grab the seat. Then Because I was wearing a Bermuda Shorts with a little high heels, and standing in front of her seat,

The girl stared and tried to fold her baggy pants to the length I was in. shorter and shorter was her long pants,

And start commenting to her grandma about wearing high heels together with her folded pants.

I got the sense she was trying to follow or trying to ask the grandma which is which, I quickly moved slowly away (in case she was really following) before the world realizes what she was trying to say and follow, which I thought.

Pity I felt for the little girl, medically she is, I guess a little retarded.

then i start to think about her parents, and i think and thought and thunk how they felt, how they would treat her…why like that

i got drifted really far, thinking and thinking, why some were borned this sickness while walking along, in the linkway…, and……………… pulled myself back when i met Susan in the link walkway!

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