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Daddy 61st Birthday

Daddy’s birthday celebrated over at Turf City last evening.

This was the very first visit of mine to the Turt city. It was ruin, run down, dirty and damn smelling, I was all hair-standing when entering into the tunneled toilet by myself. Very errie and dead the place to me However,

It was packed with several restaurants like in East Coast Seafood with several restaurants but

ONE MARKET PLACE with all live seafood when you supposed to chose and weight and they will bring it to the restaurant that you are in to cook it!

Cute, the market place is eye-opening, the alaksa crab are fabulously huge and so BIG! I never seen one so GIGANTIC in my life!

Large tanks are stank above each other with numerous LARGER crabiesss, all in enormous size! the one we went i think its called – TUNG LOK HUNG… something….


I duno man,. It sure was scarely yet amusing to see for me

PEKING DUCKIE! I loved peking ducking, the skin only, very shiok.. but not enough leh.. for me.. SOB!


This is the only sad-to-say, snap I managed to get before rushing in to the restaurant!

a Tiny Abalone,

BIG LA LA! Clams,, shiok, with garlic…

This is the 2 lobsters that Mummy went to the MARKET place to select. 2 lobsters = S$200 plus!

Carol preparing the birthday cake for Daddy.. skilful and deligent…

The cake Aunty Kim bought from Chinatown Swesen… Ice cream you know!

The birthday boy and the choir!

The staff with carol singing along birthday songs in different lauguages

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