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Daddy cooked chicken feet for us

Our Outing today.

First our branch over at the Jalan Kayu noodles, so called ko-ko mee so-so to be from JB was totally tasteless, expensive and the Fried Wan Tan was too much of a flour than meaty inside.. so it was yuckies…

Needless to say, this Jalan Kayu Noodle stall is not an option in my food makan list! Strike out! First and the only time!

Went over to the small little market, the parents bought lemon for the topshell and Daddy was full of smiles when he came back to the car with a packet full of chicken feet and he was just going to make some real good chicken feet tonight!

So excited was he, he started the wok and heated the oil when he got home and hemm., I supposed over excitement, he had the electric cooker a little over heated and the oil started spattering and sparks fly over to his face and eyes…

Gotten us real worried.

Then the whole house trip! I mean it went dark and the AK and the Daddy went rectifying the cause of the Trip until they removed the deep frying cooking and the electric cooker. It had decided to “”A-WAR”” on us today!

So instead of frying, Daddy had no choice to let the chicken feet soak in the slow cooker… which is making me darn hungry now..

And during all the commotion, I felt a sense of satisfaction when I take advantage of the situation and cleared off some of Mummy’s rubbish that had been lying around the house in yearsssssss ,.. probably. And I did, throw throw throw (of course those rubbish only..) and had the house ridden of the unwanted items.. at least for a 3 plastic bags……….


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