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Daddy is out of hospital

Horray, Daddy has been discharged (to our request) and the good news of the start was, the first scope of the stomach has been negative! Therefore, requested for further tests to be the week after next.

I woke up at 5am, intending to send the Mummy to the airport when the 156 Aunt Jenny was already awaiting in her car to fetch her to airport. So me and the AK continued our sleep till 9am, when I jumped and we rushed to the hospital for Daddy to wake from his GA!

While doing that, the AK and me had a stroll through Bugis, which I learnt, for the first time, the Singapore Largest Outdoor Shopping Mall right in the heart of Singapore. Ok I never been in that district for nuts, at least it was cool and early to walk through it. Duck noodle for the Daddy when he wake and we tabao our makan back to the hospital room to savour!

(thanks helen for the msg!)

I am never quite affiliated with the WASHING machine it seems. This break-of-the-day mummy taught me to use the WASHING machine instead of my hand-wash

“ press this, then this then this….””


The first batch of clothes went on well with the final spin but with leakage of water though, however the 2nd batch went berserk! I tried and is still trying to get the 2nd batch of clothes into clean materials, still, the machine just loved to poke fun at me and signal me with a “”E1”” and it stood simple stationary!

Think I go back to my Hand-Washing…

And seriously, I think I have the tendency to have equipments around me to go faulty. It must be the ions, negative ions that do not coincide with the equipments, hard material.

The washing machine goes funny on me The air conditioner is leaking tons of water!

My room feels like an attap house that has a weak roof that is pouring on the outside.

And I strongly believe in my negative ions towards non-living things, it always breaks down or damage since I was young!

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