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Daddy’s Day with Ipod

I get this feeling I have been neglecting my blog recently, also that is because I had no space to enter the bloggie.

Work has calm down recently , with a little bit of changes on and off, definite–ly, other than me being seriously restless and over-tired, like I duno why.

I might like to ask God why too, the lateness and the restlessness, I wish HE would dreamy enter me tonight actually, and answers to my prayers actually. hopefully….

What in the world does the rest do without the LORD in times of confusion and frustration? Or in a certain decision making when a choice is needed to accomplish?

What do you do in these moments?

Take the lead at your own human choice hopping and beliving it might be the choice, maybe?

Probably I was never a choice maker, as in, I suit the situation, like sometimes, when the AK goes, “”EAT WHAT””, I would like “” anything lor,… and if given to make a choice,.. I would select the same old stuff to avoid more uphillsss…””that’s me to stay In comfort zone in the monotonous times I guess.

That is bad, or rather on the other hand, not bad. It depends. So


I realized Daddy’s day was much simpler and lazier than Mother’s day. This Daddy’s day, simply a sms to Daddy and the next day, the AK had a dinner for the 4 of us at 156 Ah Chai’s!


Daddy was pretty excited with his NEW TOUCH screen ipod today. I woke up after the AK left to his haunt and I thought about the better since I was rather tired.

Guess what? I was more excited than him when I had a look at the F””””


mine IS ONLY 30GB with 8000 songs…. IMAGINE!

I was simple — awe! GOSH!

Yes, but I contained it simply well,..not shouting my awe-wu-ness outloud,,…. but i was amazed… I LOVED IT! …..i went like …”””” Hemmmmm not bad nice… “” and screaming inside me.

Daddy was more fashionable than me, wor! but i was happy , that he was happy with something electronically exciting, to me, as a younger, it doesn’t matter, for the oldiers, it matters,. .. to me , it matters, that they are happier and excited with the material luxury items they loved to experience.

For youngers… we still have time to do that.. in future… I’m glad the Daddy was more advance than more. (still excited over his TOUCH screen ipod though………..heMMMMM)

It was simply fantastic!

OK I am KoKO! The internet access ! Gosh! The megapix-sssss….! Can watch DVD… ahemm… when the AK goes entertaining ahem…..

Started off me with the ipod this very one, now,. Since then the Daddy seen mine, and was itchy, upgraded his since then, 3 times..


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