• Serena Tan

Daddy ‘s wasted trip to town

I have been lying on bed the whole day and it’s hard to get to sleep ! Might be the ache I am feeling that making me uncomfortable, not pain but the aching sensation from the surgery this morning. Then I thought about daddy’s guitar today. His co-guitarist at church recently complained about the guitar had no sound, something like that, so when daddy asked if he changed the battery, he said he did. But still, no sound came out. Daddy thought might be some jack problem , brought back the guitar and this afternoon made a trip to the guitar workshop to have them take a look at the no-sound guitar. When the person at the workshop opened the compartment in the no-sound guitar where the battery is, saw that the battery plastic cover was still intact! No wonder no sound, the battery plastic cover wasn’t taken off. How could someone not remove the plastic cover from a battery before inserting the battery! Wat a piece of joke. To think daddy made his way to town to remove a plastic cover! Hoho

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