• Serena Tan

Daddy sick as well with the dogs in their not best behaviour

Me Daddy came home at around 2pm plus. He says he wasn’t feeling too good either. Think he is falling sick so took urgent leave to come home and recuperate!

So daughter and father is at home trying to nurse the battered body.

Feel so boring and useless at home. then at work, feel like lazing… think go work better so BORING at home…. humans!

While the Dogs are having a wale of their time snooping around and trying to be cheeky dirtying the house. The Dog is always up to some tricks or trying to be cheeky. His toy is like a Donut with a hole in the middle ,of course, and of all the places, the Dog tried to shit all three long pieces in the hole of his look-a-like-toy Donut and it was with success!

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