• Serena Tan

Deepavali’s Eve

Sometimes, when we started drinking, we forget how to end it. Until the body cannot take it, we still go on and go on …….and made us a fool when the body sucumb to liquor…

this night wasn’t any exceptional…

Daddy brought us to Serangoon Garden in the early night to a BuZZ pub where his colleagues were playing. small cozy pub that sells Martell one bottle at S$160!

So expensive leh. Cut throat.

thought what? orchard?

Kings’ hotel already is charging at S$168!

then they started playing darts.,,…. the mom is quite expert at it..

then back to 156 where no limits start

then we got Aunt Jenny to ride on the elephant..

and dancing at 156 coffeeshop?

Nov 2007 album

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