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Dept Dinner at Indo Chine

BRAVO! Tata! There is image today!

Indo-Chine the forbidden city at CLARKE QUAY! Address was Merchant Court Clarke Quay. No wonder we made a wrong direction went to Merchant Court HOTEL and the poor pregnant girl had to walk and find the way.

Our departmental dinner last evening turned out not too bad with little chats but if you asked me about the food personally, it really really sucks!

For the dishes like wrapped-up-duck-skin fishes, prawns venison, abalone blah blah blah, any ZI-CHA jumbo, GHIM MOH easily beat it 10times. Frankly i am never a high-class restaurant person, but still I believe and had the food at INDO_CHINE and it was so much better than the yesterday’s! I wonder the drop in standard probably or the different outlets type of standards!

DUCK SKIN comes with the meat and OOooo.. blend, its horrible and tasteless, flavorless!

DIFFERENT cooks maybe?

INDO-CHINE WAS SUPPOSED TO BE GOOD AT THEIR VIETNAMese FOOD. Forbidden City outlet stucks! It really does!

Maybe the cook was in a bad mood? This is discouraging and sad! It was so normal, any outside stall tastes much better! CRY OUT LOUD!


The total bill S$710.00!

No complains! S$700 for some time with our department? At least we made an effort for a dinner time together for our S$120 each per year incentive! Great!

The sweet AK waited at Liang Court for me to finish my dinner and round and round we went, landed in DRAGONFLY!

Tuesday not too bad I thought, not crowded, can move around like a bird maybe! Not too bad. I thought was it a “Cantonese night” theme cause the first set was all in Cantonese… the crowd wasn’t too rowdy a first for the initial start until when we shifted towards the stage, 2 guys and a lady beside us started getting really high and chit-chatty and one lady taking turns to get HUGGED by the 2 guys. It looked?! Really cheapy and loose. The embraced by the 2 guys were so tight and cuddly, we would have thought they were partners until she jumped to the next guy in her elevated-on-chivas sense, to be encircle with such tightness and imtimacy…. Not that we were kpos… in their highness,…. And deep embraced with each other, they failed to notice that me and AK were beside them and kept knocking and swinging towards us… OK! Not our problem if she wants to be so cheapo and LOOKS loose… We continued to watch the performance on stage and the AK drank and was merry and drink and drank with the staff and performers there….

Weekdays – not too bad…the dragonfly. NO body was rude, we were fine! Maybe also familiar faces were on the operation there………. Chao!

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